Complete Audio Project History

Independent Project History


Wrenchocracy (Film: Director Reed Means)

Audio Post Production


Tree of Life (Artist: The Lifted Theory)

Tracking and Mixing Engineer, Songwriting


Stardust Connection (Artist: Corey Stardust)

Mastering Engineer


Marriage (Web Series: Director Akiko Izumitani)

Composer, Final Mix



Marc Broussard: Live at Full Sail

Audio Intern


Retractions (Short Film: Director Matt White)

Sound Editor, Backgrounds Editor


Live at Park Avenue: Restorations

Assistant Engineer


Gifts (Short Film: Director Forest Hughs)

Music Editor/Arranger

Be There (Short Film: Director Rob Lee)

Sound Editor, Sound Designer

Live at Park Avenue: Bad Veins

Assistant Engineer

Sukiyaki Daishi (Short Film: Director Akiko Izumitani)

Leo the Surveyor (Short Film: Director Terrell Grice)


Kids (Short film: Director Sean Osorio)
Composer, Final Mix


Sledgehammer (Short film: Director Zachary Mills)
Composer, Assistant Sound Designer



Nocturnissa (Video game: Developed by Team Mutiny)
Composer, Writer, Audio Implementation, Dialogue Editor, Voice Actor

Credible (Short film: Director Jalon Johnson)
Final Mix, Composer, Dialogue Editor

Façade (Short film: Director Jalon Johnson)
Final Mix, Composer, Dialogue Editor, Sound Designer

Serial Buddies (Short film: Director Juan Leiton)
Composer, Assistant Sound Designer


Assisted Living (Short film: Director David Kuskie)
Final Mix, Composer, Sound Editor


Can’t Live With Ya (Short film: Director Benjamin Goodwin)
Assistant Composer, Session Recording Engineer


The Painting (Short film: Director Amy Olson)
Final Mix, Composer, Sound Designer