Nocturnissa was the first video game I composed for, I also happened to pen the script and narrate the game.  It's like musical minesweeper for the blind; music and sound was essential.  I worked with my friend Alexander Verbitsky (sound design) to create synergistic sonic relationship between music and sound as a feedback mechanism.  See some samples below of our implementation systems.  If you'd like to try a copy of the game email me at
Audio Overview
This is a podcast about the music system I implemented in Nocturnissa.  Since this is a game that can be played without sight music was used to indicate the player's progress towards the goal.  I often pitch level music or implementation ideas to my teammates in these sorts of podcast.
Here is an arranged form of the main menu music (and the music for the bonus stage).  In game, the particular combination of trumpet, choir, drum, and bass phrases would randomly generate from the sample pools heard in this clip.  This way the menu music would never technically loop: listen for it if you play the game. 
Here's a post mortem from the game team, I extracted the audio-relevant bits and posted it above as the 'Music Overview' podcast: but this has an outline of the actual gameplay mechanics and some early gameplay footage for the interested.
I also wrote and narrated the script for the soundscapes (our version of cut scenes for the game)​.  My friend and Sound Designer for the project Alexander Verbitsky put them together.  There is also some footage of the final game at the end of the video.​​​