Recording and mixing as an art in itself

The first time I walked into a studio I knew that I had to master the technology I saw within.  I had been playing music my whole life but had remained ignorant to how it was made until that point.


It was Pro Tools 7, and it looked like black magic to me.  Fast forward about 4 years and I wind up working for AVID, the makers of Pro Tools, working with studios around the world.






The Lifted Theory: Tree of Life


My latest adventure into the recording studio.  This album has a lot of genres represented from folk to alt-rap to prog rock.  Very adventurous stuff and fun to mix, I hope you check some of it out on iTunes or Spotify

I've loaded a selection of my compositions from games and film into the player to the right.  Please feel free to take a listen, if you're looking for a particular mood or genre use the contact form so I can build you a more tailored demo reel of compositions.


Studio Engineering Rates are 40/hr

This includes studio rental, cheaper day-rates are available and encouraged


Composing is typically 30/recorded minute

I can negotiate a rate for the entire project depending on your needs