Hip Hop: Lost

This is a song I made with a great friend and bandmate of mine Adiambo Riley (vocals).  We were all just gathered at his place one night taking turns throwing down riffs at the keyboard when I stumbled into the piano hook of this song.  I also layed the guitar down in the bridge.  I just love the flow and feel we managed to spontaneously create in that session.

Jazz: Brief Respite Outside the City

This is an old piece that I remixed recently.  Jazzy, and featuring a few progressive meters, I approached this song from a very stealthy studio standpoint.  I wanted the drums to sound localized in space and unprocessed, I wanted the piece to have a lot of depth and ambiance.  I love how natural the mix turned out, and it's a great example of when starting with less can give you so much more.

Progressive Rock: Merchants & Liars

This piece of music means a lot to me.  I wrote it with my old prog band, Hot Cognition, and I find it really encapsulates what I love about progressive rock.  It's the first time I ever wrote a string trio, the first time I recruited extra musicians to record, it's one of the first mixes I started having real fun in, and it's one of the first times I wrote lyrics.  So, I hope you like it with all its weirdness and eccentricities.

As a freelance audio engineer I've tracked a wide variety of 
Electronic: Walls (cover)

A cover of 'Walls' by Beck on his album Modern Guilt.  This was an electronic music experiment, seeing how I could reinterpret the song as a new genre.  I made and mixed this in Logic, using mostly Logic instruments.  My friend Adiambo Riley came through to track vocals with me for this number.

Psychedelic Rock: Hey You (cover)

I feel like I shouldn't have to introduce Pink Floyds epic 'Hey You' from The Wall.  But here is a cover of it by my wife and I.  I just really wanted a chance to use my 7 stringed Chinese Zither (Guqin) in something modern, so I used it to pay homage to the fretless bass solo in the original.  I'm a huge Floyd fan, and the change from Minor to Major will always be haunting in this song.

String Arranging: Clocks (cover)

Here is a quick string arrangement I made to demo some virtual string instruments.  I picked Clocks by Coldplay so I could ask others what they thought about this instantly recognizable tune.  I always try to arrange strings following the principles of Bach's chorale arrangement (SATB).  Did I mention I'm addicted to counterpoint?