Philip Spann - Sound Design Reels for gearbox

RWBY Vol 6 Sound Reel

This was RWBY's submission to the Music and Sound Awards for Sound Design.  It was selected as a finalist alongside shows from HBO, Discovery, and Showtime (who won it).  All the fight scenes depicted are 100% designed by myself (I carved that niche early), and while there were other sound designers active in the other scenes there isn't a scene on here that I didn't involve myself in Sound Design in some fashion.  All these scenes are as they aired; we had a turn around of 1 week per episode. 

RWBY 6 was my first season on the show and I was determined to make a huge impact, I think if you compare it to the previous volumes you'll really feel a difference in both the sound design and the mix.  

gen:LOCK Sound Reel

Edit selected these scenes to highlight our department's Sound Design team.  The scenes that belong the most to me as a Sound Designer would be the first, last, and the scene with the green mech walking through the hangar.  I was responsible for mix for the show as a whole as well as designing our basic 'construction kit' for the mech movements (primarily using Soundmorph's WaveWarper).


Dante vs. Bayonetta Audio Replacement Test

This was the Sound Design Test that landed me the gig at Rooster Teeth, I'm shockingly still pretty happy about how it sounds.  It's a great Death Battle because Dante and Bayonetta both have such a diverse arsenal that we get a good sampling of guns, tech, magic, and good ol' swords.

Not to mention I'm a complete fanatic about both of those franchises and spectacle fighters in general--so this was really the best audio test I could have possibly asked for.  Death Battles are always super dense, and primarily what I cut my linear fight scene chops on--prioritizing sound as information to guide the viewer through the scene was key for me because some of the action is very rapid-fire.

Fatal Flash Trailer

A trailer for Single A Production's online brawler 'Fatal Flash'.  I composed all the music and designed all the sounds in the game and trailer.  Kind of a one man composer and sound team gig.

One of the only Indie games I've gotten the pleasure to work on that actually launched (though I suspect it's no longer supported as it was a multiplayer only title).  Implementation was just through Unity, pretty low budget title but at least I got paid.

League of Legends Audio Replacement Demo


A sound design demo I made after visiting Riot when I lived near Santa Monica.  This one much less dense than the others so individual sound design is more forward.  My goal here was to make game-functional sounds that would be ready for implementation--they start on player input frame, convey information such as skill duration and don't overcrowd if 8 of them are competing for sonic space at the same time.