These next few are UDK demos I made in school to learn the software.  Lava Mine is a reverse engineering of the ambient music generator of Amnesia: Dark Descent.  Racer is where I learned to sync music cues to gameplay events as well as account for bpm to sync cues in Kismet.  Shock Rifle is just some fun weapon sound design.

I created an interactive music system for a racing mod in the Unreal Engine.  Find out how I used vertical arrangement to create an evolving piece in which the players actions make him/her the arranger.

I'll be the first in line to debate video games as an art form.  I've played games since the NES days: in fact my dad swears that the soundtracks of Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy) were wholly responsible in turning me into a self-motivated pianist and composer.  Naturally, I think it takes a gamer to make sound for gamers.  Let's crank things up to hard mode--I won't miss a beat.
Lava Mine

I created an non-linear music system and ambient sounds to create a soundscape like you'd hear in a Dark Puzzle Game or Survival Horror.

Shock Rifle

I redesigned the sound assets for the shock rifle in Unreal Tournament as a sound design demo.  Learn more about my creative process and how I approach implementation of audio cues.


A game made for the visually impaired.  Nocturnissa is a game played with sounds and music, I wrote the script and the score.  This was the project that cemented my knowledge of UDK and object-based implementation systems.  Check it out!