This part is a little under construction.  Feel free to check out some of my student work as well as 'Kids' a short film finalist in the 2013 Tribecca Film Competition.

A short film by Sean Osario I composed and mixed for.  I've always had an overactive imagination; so composing this short for was somewhat nostalgic.  I went for the super-hero in all of us.  This was a wonderful experience mixing with an editing team supporting me.  I had backgrounds cut for me by Jennifer Zhang and SFX by Scooter Long.  I edited the production audio and did a little additional editing and sound design as well.  This short won third place in the 2013 Trinity Film Fest.  A lighthearted look at the kids in all of us.

Sci-Fi Soundscape

Music and sound demo I made when I was cutting my DAW teeth.  It tells the story of an aging detective's eventful trip to a crime scene in a cyberpunk world akin to Blade Runner or Deus Ex.  Somehow this is my idea of 'fun'.  Yet another time I turned my cat's innocent meows into a monster (just skip to 4:12 to hear that...).  I also used music I had composed for film shorts in the soundscape.  The exception is the music in the car: which is composed by good ol' Ludwig Van!

I also compose to picture for many independant film-makers (and the occasional game designer).  I recently won the 2013 LA Movie Awards 'Best Original Soundtrack in a Student Film' for my work on Leo the Surveyor.  You can check out all my composer credits in my project history.  This also makes me an ace music editor in post.
Comedy, Character Theme: Hannah Martinez

A zany character theme for the short Leo the Surveyor directed by Terrell Grice.  Hannah's character is a quasi-magical girl who doesn't seem to belong to the same sense of reality as the rest of us.  Terrell wanted something rambunctious and wacky (I assume he wanted Danny Elfman) so it fun getting into the spirit for this one.

Drama, Thematic: The River is Left Behind

A very simple theme for my friend, Reed Means', philosophical trip The Meditation.  It's meant to be very zen, achieving fullness in minimalism.  I guess the pseudo-Asian pentatonics don't hurt either.  Also one of the very few times I've convinced my wife to get behind a microphone--so I have to post it.

Drama: Despair Remembers Hope Long Forgotten

A dark solo piano meditation on the plot of Facade, a short by Terrel Grice I did sound and composition for.  The plot is about abuse other weighty matter, and it inspired some pretty enjoyable improvisations while I was working on it.  This is one of them that found its way into the soundtrack.