Nothing ruins the suspension of disbelief faster than bad audio.  I worked on the Full Sail dubbing stage after graduating studying techniques for dialogue editing and mixing.  I continued learning post production workflows and techniques during my time at AVID.


Since then I've gone on to do freelance audio editing for Palm Tree Shoe Productions.  Rates can matter on the size and scope of your film though as well as how much sound design and ADR will be required.  Please contact me to discuss what you need and how we can acheive it.

Sound Design Demo Reel

(all audio removed and redesigned by myself

ADR by John Hammond Jr.)

Original footage by Rooster Teeth

Marriage Miniseries by SketchJuice

Roles: All Audio Post, Composer


(The rest of the 10 episode miniseries is on the SketchJuice Channel)

Retractions (Short Film) Directed by Matt White

Roles: Dialogue and Sound Editor, Foley

Wrenchocracy (Feature Length) Directed by Reed Means

Roles: Dialogue Editor, Sound Design, Final Mix


Please note the film is a work of political satire; it should not be taken to represent my personal political views

(it is currently running in 6 film festivals though!)

Composition & Sound Design Demo Reel

(all Music and Sound Design by myself)

Original footage by Brouton Stroube